Saturday, March 2, 2013

Some Good Questions

Allison gave me an a blog award and I'm going to be a good sport and answer these questions.  I'm not going to do all the other nominating stuff (I hope you don't mind).  

1. What delights you most about your life right now? Obvi, my new baby! She brings us such joy. I love the way she is filling out right now.  I can squeeze her with a little bit more vigor now! Her smiles can melt away any stress. I highly recommend having babies. 
2. What about your adult life is a surprise in terms of what you imagined as a child your adult life would be like?  Wow, that's a good question... I guess I envisioned my life as having more time to myself.  It's probably a good thing I don't have more time or I think I would be come too self absorbed. (just imagine me writing these about myself more often! gag.)
3. Where did you grow up and how far is it from where you live now?  I grew up in rural Minnesota. It's much too far from Virginia :(
4. What did you like best about being a child?  I enjoyed creating imaginary worlds and playing pretend.  I can't say I liked being carefree best because no one appreciates it when they are young!
5. What do you like about being a grown up?  being my own boss! Though I am not as much as a control freak as I used to be. I find it relieving when someone else takes control of the schedule and the decisions once in a while (like on the weekends when my husband's home).
6.. What do you think the value of old age is? Wisdom that comes from making mistakes and learning from them.  I wish I had a sage to tell me not to prevent me from making so many mistakes!
7. What do you like to do with your hands in terms of crafts, cooking etc?  I like all sorts of crafts, but I especially like making clay beads! Someday, I'd like to take painting classes.  I love cooking too.  Sipping a glass wine, chopping away veggies with the chef's knife, the smell of a sauteed onion... bliss.
8. Do you like to write letters or postcards? no. I have horrid handwriting.
9.  If you were coming to a potluck at my house, what would you bring? good question... probably something with bacon in it like a broccoli salad.
10. Does your family read your blog? Why or why not? I think my husband reads it sometimes.  I think it doesn't interest him. Probably because he knows everything about me already.
11.  If you could pick one adjective that you'd like people to associate with you, what would it be? loving. I think it's the best quality anyone could have.

Thank you, Allison for giving me something fun to write about. Those were some good questions!


Jamie Jo said...

Sarah-that was fun to read!

Billie Jo said...

How fun is this!? Have a wonderful weekend! : )