Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Yes, I Would Do It Again

Thank you for all the comments and love from the previous post! I'm experiencing my first 24 hours without my husband and I'm going a little crazy over here. I either need bedtime to happen right this minute or something to distract me.  Thank God for a good friend who brought dinner or the kids would have had whatever I could find at the bottom of my freezer.  The thought of taking all four kids to the grocery store is extremely frighting.  For now, we're at the mercy of friends and leftovers.

Some of you asked about my thoughts on my home birth and if I would do it again.  I would definitely do it again and I don't think my husband would have it any other way! (unless it was medically necessary).

The thing that I liked the best was having my best friend- my husband- the person who I love and trust more than any other on earth, be my birthing coach from the start of labor to the end.  When it was all over, I told him over and over, "I wouldn't have been able to do it without you." If you recall, it was just the two of us for 90% of the labor. The midwives came at the last hour to basically, deliver the baby and clean up. That's not ideal, but it was actually very nice for us to have that quiet time before they came to work together through the contractions alone and in the privacy of our bedroom.  I will cherish the memory of that part of the labor. I even wouldn't mind doing that again. If only the whole labor could have been so serene! This would never have been possible in the hospital with nurses coming in and out, doctors checking in, etc. It was nice without the distractions.

I know a lot of people have natural births in hospitals, but I don't know if I could have done it. It's so tempting to give in to the drugs when they are practically pushed on you. So for that reason, I also liked the home birth. The midwives encourage a natural birth and help you to achieve it.  I have yet to meet a nurse or even a doctor to that does this.  I'm sure they are out there...somewhere. 

Getting my husband over the "medical" part of home birth was the hardest part, but after he read, Husband Coached Childbirth by Dr. Bradley, he was convinced. And now that he has been spoiled rotten by the actual home birth, he's hooked.  He got to sleep in his own bed, eat out of his kitchen, put his kids to bed without driving to and from the hospital, and not have to deal with embarrassing middle of the night visits from nurses.  From the way he talks about it, you'd think the home birth was dream vacation! 

So, yes, home birth has my vote and I would do it again if I get the opportunity.  It was a cozy, intimate way to bring a baby into the world and a nice way to get away from all the annoyances of a hospital stay.  I realize there are certain risks to a home birth and many people cannot have them because of complications. But with a trusted midwife and good husband and no complications, it was a good option for us.


noreen said...

You two were well prepared for your home delivery which made your experience all the better, I would imagine! If I lived near you, I would bring you dinner too!

Lena said...

i have experienced it all - 1 traditional hospital birth, 2 home/waterbirths, 1 (planned) c-section, and 1 home-like birth in the hospital. homebirth is my family's fav. dad especially enjoys the intimacy of a homebirth and the kids like to have easy access to their newest blessing.

i prefer the home. it's the best environment for me to allow my body and mind to cooperate with God's ordained plan -- labor and delivery. though homebirth, i have been able to experience every bit of pain and joy that He desires for me. labor is such an intimate experience for me, it always brings me closer to my husband and dear Lord. while at home, i am able to fully be myself and allow my body to do what it was designed to do, to give birth.

i give thanks for the opportunity to have another homebirth. i pray for His providence and protection.

prayers for a joyfilled Christmastide & New Year!

ad Jesum per Mariam,

Mandy Benton said...

I enjoyed this post. I have had mid-wife assisted hospital births every time. I know a homebirth would be the least stressful on the family but I felt the hospital births were the best compromise. Greg didn't want to do a home birth anyhow. But he was so detached during this last birth, a home birth would probably do him good, lol! This last birth was so painful in spite of all my resolutions I was asking for an epidural, of course I was in transition and it was too late anyhow. But there is always that "out" which makes it a bit harder to really do it naturally in a hospital.

The Little House That Grew said...

I read your posts about your new baby and felt completely inspired by every word. I think families like yours are given an exceptional child because He knows you are capable of exceptional things. God Bless your new family and all the wonderfully difficult things that come with having a new baby.
Your home birth was a beautiful part of this very special story. Thank you for having the presence of mind to share the way you have.
I look forward to hopefully meeting your new little girl one day.
Lisa Melnick

Nowelja said...

I have all the same experience. I had 2 'hospital' deliveries and now, the last one was a home delivery. The hardest part was indeed to get my husband over the medical part. But now, he's telling everybody about this great experience of home birthing!
Congratulations with your beautiful little Faustina. I admire the way you welcome her the way she is! She couldn't have been given a better family to be part of!