Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mom's Visit and Other Things

My mom came down from Minnesota to visit with us for a week. It was sure nice to have her help around the house!  My favorite part about her visit was watching her play with the kids and just enjoy their company and of course, hold the baby!

Playing "May Flowers" (leaving anonymous flowers and knocking on the door and running away is fun to do over and over and over again)
We had a little birthday party for Analee since Mom won't be here for her actual birthday
Other than mom's visit, we really haven't emerged into society. I think number four is putting me at my limit as far as mommy abilities go.  I laid awake one night after nursing Faustina, thinking about all the things left undone and feeling pretty cruddy about myself when a 'duh' moment came to me.  I have had 4 kids in six years.  The number seemed unbelievable at four in the morning and I had to rethink the calculations a few times.  But when I realized that this is in fact the truth, I was feeling much better about my greatest accomplishment.  four in six.  I've been reminding myself of this every time I have another "overwhelmed" moment.

Proof that homeschooling has gone on (with new (vintage) desks from a friend!):

Proof that we had snow (at least once) in Virginia:

Proof that aunts send the craziest little outfits in the mail (look at the first picture to see more of this zany little thing):
Analee loves it when her sister lies in her bed.
Update on Faustina: Everyone still adores her.  Really, that's all that's important. She's doing well, growing fine and has not had any health problems thus far.  I think she's starting to try to smile and coo. At least that's what I take for a grunt and a curve of the lip.  I'll take what I can get.


Allison said...

My favorite picture is the last one, Sarah. The look of joy and contentment on Analee's face is so priceless.

Jamie Jo said...

Well, she sure looks like she's filling out nicely!! (Faustina--not your mom!) Always nice to see your mama on here!

Faustina is so very beautiful, as are all your children! We have 2 old fashioned lift up top desks, wish you lived closer, you could have them!

Katie Rose said...

oh thanks for this update. It looks like you are doing a great job with 4. your kids are adorable and i totally agree 4 kids in 6 years is a lot! keep up the good work mama!

Just One Handful said...

Love hearing about the children. They are all so sweet. Annalee looks so proud to have her baby all snuggled up beside her.
Keep up the good work! Many prayers for you and yours, K

noreen said...

Faustina is so sweet Sarah, no matter what she's wearing! That blanket that's covering her and big sister is very pretty. Did you make it?

Sarah said...

Sarah-just popping in after searching for your rosaries for my son who has First Communion in May. Not sure if you'd remember me, but I know your parents and I went with them and your sister to Guatemala one year. So good to see your beautiful family and to see your mom visiting!! :)