Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Please Consider

Many of you may have heard about the amazing ministry called Mary's Shelter.   What amazes me the most and continues to amaze me, is that this was started by some Catholic homeschooling moms and it continues to be run mostly by Catholic homeschooling moms! The shelter houses pregnant moms who have nowhere else to turn.  They help these women find jobs, get educated and back on their feet.   They not only house the women, they house all the women's other kids too.  The houses have gotten pretty full and now they have four houses (I believe) for all the women and children. 

The women come from all over- in the state and out of state because Mary's Shelter reputation has spread from all the life changing work they do.  

It's run on shoe string budget- really. I saw the numbers at the last soiree, and it's unbelievable what they do with so little. Go figure with all the Catholic homeschooling moms running it who are used to running large households on a shoe string budget!

Right now, they are having a matching funds campaign until February 14. It's called matching hearts and you can learn more about it on their web page.  Please consider donating- even a small amount for this special campaign. It's the first campaign they've had like this and it's important that they do well with it. Thank you!

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