Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Official First Day of Homeschooling (today, actually)

 A little late, but that's ok. I had to get my shop up first! Now that my shop is up and running, I can concentrate on some serious schooling.

I can't believe my first is in 1st grade this year.  He's a young first grader, so I'm ok with him not catching on right away. Repeating is not beneath me and he will never know the difference.  However, I do have goals for him- in the realm of reading and math and writing. 

He did pretty good for his first day, and my daughter did well with her preschoolish things as well.  My toddler, however, was a nightmare!  Every other day, he takes a 2-3 hour nap and wakes up happy.  Today, of all days, he decides to wake up after only an hour and turn into Monster Baby for the rest of the day.  This is due to the fact we were talking outside his room where we were homeschooling. I'm not sure how to remedy this except to take our homeschooling to the basement or kitchen- neither is an ideal location. sigh.

Oh well, today was a light day of homeschooling. I want the kids to spend more time outside while they can. In the winter, we can set aside more time for homeschooling while we are cooped up inside.

We are also doing Aquinas Learning again this year and it's going fabulous.  We have been going over the those lessons since it started two weeks ago, so some homeschooling has been going on before today.

 This year's cycle is ancient history (it goes on a three year cycle, so Liam will be learning the same things three year from now). I love that we are starting on this now on a basic level so that three year from now, when we go back to ancient history, we can discover things on a more abstract level since he will be 8 then and we would have covered the basics.  Classical learning is so wonderful! And can I just say that I LOVE Mr. Andrew Pudewa. I went to another one of his talks a month ago- this time on Classical Education and it was so inspirational.  I went away feeling like I'm on the right track. Always good feeling!

gotta go- Monster Baby on the rampage. Let's try this nap thing over again, shall we?


Katie said...

Mr Pudewa is great! Hope Monster Baby is better tomorow.

melody said...

Congratulations! Prayers coming your way for a fruitful and joyful school year!