Saturday, June 2, 2012

New Shamrock Beads

The finished shamrock cane

I ran out of the old shamrocks, so I made some new beads in the past couple days.  These have the same 'F', 'S', and 'H', for Father, Son and Holy Spirit, as the old ones, but I made these much prettier with yellow detail and green shading in the leaves.  Now I work exclusively with Kato clay because I found it is so much easier to work with and the canes come out with beautiful detail.   It also helps that I keep a lot of clay on hand so I never run out!
baked shamrock beads

It's popular legend that St. Patrick used the shamrock to teach about the Trinity while he converted the pagans in Ireland.  Just there are three leaves on the shamrock, all separate, yet part  of one shamrock, God has three separate persons, but is still one God. 
Moroccan Beads and Shamrock Beads

I started by making a Moroccan inspired cane with yellow clay. I used this for the background of the shamrock cane, but I will also do something else with the yellow beads. Not sure exactly, but I know a yellow necklace will be my new favorite summer accessory!

Sorry for the poor photos. I broke my DSLR and I can't bring myself to drop a few hundreds to buy a new (used) one. I guess need to motivate myself by taking more blurry photos with little Coolpix.


Eve said...

Did you plan to make these beads on Trinity Sunday?!? Fr. Bresnahan was talking about St. Patrick and the shamrock today in his homily!

Sarah Harkins said...

No, I didn't plan it, but when I posted this, I realized what day it was. What a coincidence! How very liturgically correct of me.