Sunday, April 1, 2012

Thinking Ahead

The busy season isn't quite over for my business, and yet I am already thinking about the beads I want to make next. Today while I was painting with Analee, I painted some of my ideas for new beads.

There's the "In Love with Jesus" heart. I already have one that I use with the Girl's First Communion Rosaries, but I'd like one to use with all the rosaries because it is an important symbol.  I want one that's bursting with color and joy.

Then there's the Alpha and Omega... I was singing the Greek alphabet song my son is learning in his classical learning program while painting this.  And whoops! I painting the Omega upside down! I guess I should have been studying the Greek alphabet a little more closely.  This is NOT what the bead will look like:

This is what my painting SHOULD have looked like:

I would like to do something for the Sacrament of Holy Orders- specifically the priesthood. Priests need our prayers and we need more priests!

I've had rooster on the brain for quite sometime as a symbol of the resurrection (cock crowed three times...). I love roosters- they are so beautiful and a rooster bead would be such fun.  It is actually a traditional symbol of the Church and some (protestant) churches even have roosters on top of their churches as a symbol of the resurrection!  There was a stained glass rooster in my old church in Maryland too.

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