Sunday, April 1, 2012

Day Trip- Luray Caverns

A couple weeks ago (shows you how on top of things I am around here when it comes to pictures!) my husband took a very, very rare three day weekend. Shift work doesn't come with the luxury of government holidays or any holiday for that matter, including Sundays.  The extra day off was so fantastic. We are still talking about how relaxing it was and how much fun we had.   It was actually his idea we traveled farther than five minutes from our home- which is another rarity!  He really wanted to see these caverns. It turned out to be a great idea- aside from the fact that Jude was teething and made whiny noises throughout the whole tour (don't worry, my chapstick pacified him for the most part.  It's now destroyed, but it was worth having some peace during the hour long tour.)

The way to the caverns was half the fun since it was a scenic drive through the Shenandoah mountains.  However, making rosary bracelets around those curves didn't go so well.  As soon as we started around those mountain curves, the beads flew everywhere I was getting carsick because I wasn't looking out the window.  Thankfully I was almost finished with the bracelet I was working on, so I quickly put it together and all was well.  The nausea soon left I was able to enjoy the scenery.
This was a lake inside the caverns. The mirror image was so identical that you couldn't tell there was water.

These caverns were huge! I don't remember ever seeing such big structures. In fact there was a giant stalactite that they said was millions of years old judging from it's size and how long it takes for them to grow.  Being there in the place where a million year old creation grew was humbling and awe inspiring.


Katie Rose said...

how fun. family time is the best! isn't it so much easier doing the parenting thing when you have a partner?

Katie said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I haven't been there in years.

Anonymous said...

Went there today! Thought the wall was gonna give lol