Friday, April 20, 2012

Life by the River

The kids went down to the river this morning with their grandparents- my husband's parents.  We have been down to swim in it three times this year already. Today wasn't a swimming day, but the kids did enjoy seeing a crane, snake and catching minnows. 

The county recently put in a sidewalk, so now are able to walk down from our house.  We really love this beautiful river! 


Anonymous said...

How is it that you live in Virginia and it looks like Florida? Jude is really growing up he looks so different and sooooo super cute. I hope your visit with the inlaws was joyful for you and the kids.
love you guys, miss you!

Eve said...

oooh, didn't know about the sidewalk! looking forward to that!

Jamie Jo said...

Wow, it's that warm in VA? Beautiful, and so blessed to have the river so close and yet far enough away to keep the kiddos safe!

Allison said...

I cannot believe that is your baby!! Looks like a wonderful day.