Sunday, March 11, 2012

Peace Not As the World Gives

These words struck me this morning as odd.  It made me think about how much I strive for peace during the week amongst the chaos of a 5, 3 and 1 year old while making all our food by hand, while trying to keep a house somewhat clean, and a run a small business.  I grasp at every chance of peace and quiet I can get.   However, I don't think that my grabbing is the kind of peace Jesus is talking about. 

"The peace that the world cannot give" was won by the price of suffering and death on a cross.   When I think of peace, I don't think of bloodshed.  But I should.  There is no peace without going first through the cross, and yet, I continually try to find my easy way out for a moment of peace and quiet, which is nothing more than that- momentary worldly peace.  What am I really doing to work toward true peace?

It seems my lent was a bit on the easy breezy side and I'm finding God calling me to step it up a bit.  After all, eternal life wasn't won over on the lazy boy watching Jane Austin.   "Live a life in a manner worth the call you have received".  Sometimes you'd think I thought eternal life was somehow owed to me and all I need to do is sit back and wait for it to happen.   Entitled is not a word I use to describe myself, but yet when I think of how many sacrifices I have made to show my gratitude for the Sacrifice that was made for me, it's starting to look like that ugly word.

I would like my life to look a little more like self forgetfulness vs. self righteousness, sacrifice vs. self satisfaction, receiving peace vs. grabbing.   I thank God for all the wonderful people he has put in my life to show me these examples of how to live a life worthy of the call and I pray I can spend the rest of the Lenten season working toward receiving the peace that only God can give.


Allison said...

After all, eternal life wasn't won over on the lazy boy watching Jane Austen."

I know you didn't mean to be funny, but you are! Great post, Sarah, I thin we alll can use a midLent pickmeup.

Katie Rose said...

beautiful! i swear we are living the same life sometimes, although i definitely do not make all of my food by hand. . .yet. love you Sarah!

noreen said...

I'm with you there Sarah! I can get caught up in the busyness of life and not remember the one who is more important. Thanks for the reminder! I'm impressed too that you make all of your own food. I'm a mixture of making it from scratch and using store bought mixes.

j'aime said...

yes! i have been so busy "doing" that i have forgotten the "being" part: *Be Still* and know that He is holy . . . thank you for the reminder.