Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Good Ole, USDA

Hamburger sprayed with ammonia?? YUM. Thank goodness the USDA controls our quality of food here in America.  Now I don't have ever question another thing in the supermarket.

I also saw this in action on Food Inc.  So disgusting.


Katie said...

Food inc was amazing .. . . I went to a picnic the next day where they were serving burgers . . . I wanted to tell everyone NOT to eat them!!

If you only knew what they did to milk too . .

Katie said...

Just read your cabbage post . . . I had no idea it was that easy to make!! I have been buying it from an Amish farmer.

We use Hymalayan salt too and my Dad makes fun of us for having pink salt!

How is the GAPS diet going? I am anxious to start once marathon training is over. But, I CANNOT make beef bone broths AT ALL . . . I have tried and they turn out horrible every time. I am good at chicken and turkey broths, but that is it. What stage are you at in the diet?

The Little House That Grew said...

This may seem like a silly question but last summer when I came to your house you were wearing the cutest dress. You said that you bought it somewhere specific online and I am trying to remember where. I love wearing dresses and I have such a hard time shopping right now. Where do you shop online for clothes. Your Irish rosary is so cute and I love the daisy bracelet.
you can e-mail me at just leave a comment on my blog if you don't mind.

indianist said...
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