Saturday, August 6, 2011

My Philosophy of Education

One of the projects I had to complete before I graduated with a bachelor's degree in elementary education, was to make a portfolio with my philosophy of education.  Just for a chuckle, I went back to reread my old thoughts on education.  This is what I  wrote before I was a real teacher in a real classroom, before I started homeschooling, and before I've decided that modern education has failed us and we should reconsider the tried and true classical approach.   I was certain I had done a 180 on my philosophy of education, but to my surprise, this is what I read:
....the essential ingredients for a good education are: a loving a teacher, a parental involvement, hands-one learning, and good classroom management.
I certainly couldn't disagree! These are spot on- even in regards to homeschooling and the Classical approach.  I went on to read and laugh at this:

Everyone knows how important a loving teacher is to education because everyone has had one who has touched his/her life.  There is no substitute for a teacher who has the students' best interest at heart.  It's no wonder why home schooled children are so successful with their own mother as their teacher.  Hand's down, a loving teacher is the most important ingredient to a good education.
How funny is that especially when the very thought of homeschooling my kids made me shudder! I had no plans whatsoever to home school until years after I wrote this. 

I go on to talk about parental involvement, classroom management and hands-on-learning.  All of it, I still agree with.    I conclude with saying: teaching is no doubt- a work of heart.

How true it still is- a parent or teacher who cares, is the best teacher.  Amen to that!


Allison said...

Sarah: I have been reading Elizabeth Foss' blog a lot lately, and I think your approach is simpatico with hers.

Check it out!

melody said...

Love your philosophy! :)