Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Other Hobby

You may have seen in the side lines that one of my other hobbies is scrapbooking.  I never really mention scrapbooking here, but I figured it would be ok to show you the other hobby that I love besides bead making.

Probably a big reason I never mention my love for scrapbooking is because a lot of people just hate it! I guess they think it's a waste of time.  It would be a waste of time if it was something you didn't enjoy doing.  But to me, scrapbooking is the epitome of a creative outlet.  It's what Disney is to amusement park lovers.  When I have a creative itch, there is nothing like pulling out my scrapbook supplies and letting it all out. 

Having said all that, I don't do it often because it is time consuming and there is usually something else that needs to be done.  I used to do it more when I had no children or just one.  So, I've narrowed it down to making a scrapbook for the kids' first year- which turned into three scrapbooks for my daughter, Analee.  See Here:

I started her First Year in January and almost finished by the end of that month.  When I started getting busy with rosaries again, I had to put it down and it has sat where I put it 6 months later.  Last week, I picked up where I left off and today, I finally got it finished, Hooray! Now I can put away this mess:

Here are some of my pages, in case you are curious.  Even more fun than scrapbooking, is looking back on my old "art work". It really is an art when you pour so much creative energy into it. 
My favorite scrapbooking material is paper.  There is so much you can do with just paper, you really don't need all the other stuff. Plus, have you seen all the cool designs they have now with scrapbook paper?? It makes me giddy.

With scapbooking, there is so much freedom to add as many or few pictures on a page as you want.

A cool thing about scrapping is being able to tell a story through pictures, words and design.

I love that with scrapbooking, you can nicely display cards, letters, and other memorabilia.

Another display of birthday cards. I hope that one day, I can give my scrapbooks to the kids and they will enjoy looking at them with their children as much as I enjoy it.

So, that's why I love scrapping. Now time to put it all away until next time :)


melody said...

Beautiful! I am feeling so guilty because I have not touched my kids books in... two years! :(

Allison said...


Katie Rose said...

gorgeous Sarah! she is going to truly cherish these. Nice work!

Julie Cragon said...

You are so creative. I'm packing up 22 years of pictures today and sending them to you. These are wonderful.

Sarah Harkins said...

Melody, if it makes you feel guilty- don't do it, or don't do it for every picture. Scrapbooking shouldn't make you feel overwhelmed, and if it does, it's not serving its purpose. I am putting most of our pictures in photo album.

Julie, you're so funny. You know that there are people who do that very thing! I think it would be so fun, but then again, I already have a fun side job :)

Crafty P said...

I'm a big fan of scrapbooking (and your rosaries)! Glad to hear I'm not the only one with too many hobbies! My post today is all about my month long scrapbooking challenge I just did in May! Stop by!

Katie said...

Those are beautiful! I do not scrapbook . . . never have had the desire. I do not think I am crafty enough! That is why I LOVE photo books!

Crafty P said...

ps thanks for stopping by! I always say, the kids will not care what our style is or what papers we did or didn't use on a page... they just want to see themselves and hear the stories of their lives! I love that you document those on your pages. They're beautiful. Blessings!

Mandy said...

I love this! I don't scrap book, the only thing I do is blog. One day I want to get my blog in hard copy book format and then I'll be able to pass something on to the boys. It's the best I'll be able to do at this point! Your scrap books look gorgeous.

happymomonline said...

What an absolute treasure! I used to do this type of thing...4 kids ago. My numbers 5 and 6 don't have anything resembling a baby book....ugh! You daughter will really hold this dear - great work!

tomschulzte said...

you forgot to mention that being forced to scrapbook 20 years worth of pictures for a family of nine is not a barrel of fun, either. What a memorable christmas! haha!
Yes, it is not for everybody!
Photobooks rule!