Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I'm Back! Vacation photos

Jude's feet- his first touch of the ocean. 

I'm back from 9 days of sand, sun, sand, water, sand, and more sand. I LOVE the beach- minus the sand that comes in from the beach.  Tonight will be my first sand free night in my bed.  No matter how hard I try, there is no way to get every last grain of sand off the condo floor, and some of it always ends up in bed with me-which is just the worst feeling.  I want my husband in bed with me, my nursing baby most of the time, and the occasional kid, but sand, you are not welcome to sleep with me.

It was a perfect week for the ocean- not too hot, not too cold.  I didn't mind the cloud cover either- it kept back the sun exposure so that no one even came back with burn.  

Here's a few pics from our relaxing vacation in Ocean City, MD...
the kids spent most of the time doing this- playing in the sand. 

saw lots of these: dolphins. Mostly at 5:30am when Jude woke up.
This was the first year I saw this guy: a fox! His little family lived right next to the pool and I saw them every morning.  This morning he felt brave and snuck a drink in the pool.  They were so cute.

The first day at the beach: running to the water.  I love those first moments of experiencing the grandness of the ocean.
Hanging out in the condo.  We did a lot of this too. 
she who collects sea shells.  What fun little girls are!

Jude being calmed by the waves.   Having a baby by ocean is always challenging when it's nap time, but this seemed to help.
This was great for nursing and napping!  I'm so glad we bought this baby tent.
My little sister, Christina, was so helpful.  Without her, it may not have felt like a vacation!
and without my sis, Eric and wouldn't have been able to have this much fun in the waves.
I will be opening my shop tomorrow :)


Allison said...

What a beautiful time you had. And how great you were able to take all those photos Sarah!

Anonymous said...

wow,sounded perfect! I really love the ocean too.
sand and shells, shells and waves and shells, did I mention shells?
Love you,