Friday, May 27, 2011

"Playing" Mass with Our New Mass Kit

My friend and household sister from college, sent me this awesome Mass kit that was made by another household sister.  I was so impressed with all the pieces that go with this kit.  There is a stole and a pall for EVERY liturgical season! Green, red, white, purple, and pink.  Liam loves to see what the priest is wearing and match him.  So cool! Also, this mass kit has all the parts labeled so it can be used as an effective teaching too (see below). 

I wish I had more ordering info for this Mass kit, but I don't know if my household sister is still making them.  If anyone is interested, I could probably round up her email address from someone who knows it.

And from our little photo session, I can give you three reason why women shouldn't be priests
  1. Pink or purple vestments would be only colors ever worn.
  2. The stole will only be worn as a scarf, wrapped around the neck in a fashionable manner.
  3. The congregation will be distracted by bare bellies at every hand raising.


Christina said...

So this is what Liam was talking about... Hilarious :)

Katie said...

That is so cute! And a great idea!

Anonymous said...

ha,ha,ha,ha,ha :)
kids now a days have such resources. do you remember when the boys played priest and you gave the homily?

Allison said...

Am I hopelessly old fashioned? Something seems very wrong to me about "playing Mass" - the recreating of a sacrament for fun.

That said, I know my parish priest used to "play priest" when he was little. But the idea of marketing such "toys" to children bothers me. Am i misunderstanding or missing something here?

Sarah Harkins said...

I don't see anything wrong with it since it's just a natural part of what children do anyway- they play pretend about the things they see around them. As long as we teach them the sacredness of Mass, I don't see any harm.

I'm surprised you never played Mass when you were younger! I thought every Catholic did that :) I said the homilies for my brother and sometimes played the priest. We even used old missalletes!

Allison said...

I know one of my sisters had a nun doll and used to pretend she was a nun. But among the four of us, that is as far as it went.
My husband, also from a family of four kids, never played Mass with his siblings either. Maybe it's a generational thing- we are children of the 60s and 70s...

noreen said...

That's so cute Sarah! Your children look like they're enjoying playing mass!

My son is an altar server and has been for about 9 months now and in the beginning, every hand or body movement the priest made, my son mimicked. He sincerely thought he was supposed to do that. Many of the parishioners approached us after mass saying how sweet they thought that was.

Now he knows differently but it was amusing to watch.

AE said...

Oh my gosh we played Mass all the time!!!!

Did Meg make this??

Sarah Harkins said...

Angela (I think this is you) yes, Meg made it. I had no idea she has such talent! I hope she continues to make these because it's a great idea.

Michele Lebowitz said...

I would LOVE to order one Sarah!

Please send me the info.

HandmadebyMegK said...

Sarah! I just found this and I'm psyched! So glad that y'all are enjoying it. I finally got these up on Etsy for sale. Mostly they've been going to diocesan and church groups who are using them for educational purposes (like for younger altar servers, children with special needs, etc). Kids obviously learn better when they can touch, interact with things but that is difficult with sacred implements like the ones used in the Mass, so that's where the "kit" came from.
If anyone is interested in more information, you can go to my blog shop or email me at

Thanks for posting pictures, Sarah! I LOVE it!