Thursday, May 26, 2011

All New Bead: Jesus Christ, Tree of Life!

I've wanted to make this bead for a long time: the Tree of Life.  I think the image of the tree is so beautiful and there are so many ways it can be used as a Catholic symbol.  The meaning that I am going to uses is Jesus as the tree of life.  In Genesis, chapter 3, God closed the garden of Eden so that no one would eat of the tree of life.  In the new testament, Jesus' sacrifice on the cross (or the tree) allows all of us to partake in the tree of life and gain eternal life.

Other meanings for this symbol could be the mustard seed, or the fruit tree parable.

Here's the process for this bead:

I used the leaves that I had left over from my roses on the Immaculate Heart bead to make the leaves in the tree.  This made the process go much faster!

I made the trunk, then arranged the leaves.  Putting the blue background clay in between all those branches and leaves took some time.

The completed cane waiting to be reduced.

The clay canes in their reduction stages.

The finished product!


noreen said...

So pretty Sarah! You must be feeling better.

Paulo said...

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Thank you!

Kathleen's Catholic said...

Your work continues to amaze me. These beads are beautiful!

God bless!

Mandy said...

Sarah, I really love these beads!!! So very pretty.

Katie Rose said...

i really love this one. nice job Sarah!