Monday, January 3, 2011

My Favorite Thing About Babies

My absolute favorite thing about babies are those first smiles they give you.  It's an uncertain curve of the lip at first, as I pry it out with a big smile on my own on my face and lots of high pitch sounds to get the attention of the baby, but soon it turns into a huge gaping smile.  And finally it evolves into an irresistible urge every time they see see their mamma.  Smiling in the middle of the night, smiling when nursing, and smiling with a mouth full of food.  Jude hasn't come to the last stage yet, but he is smiling a lot now.  We are still trying to catch a good one on the camera, but here's a blurry one:

I always feel like those first smiles are my rewards for all the diaper changes, crabby moments and sleepless nights.  It's as if he is finally really looking at me and thanking me with that toothless grin.  Well, your welcome, little baby. I will do again for a smile!


Lacy @ Catholic Icing said...

I know what you mean! When my babies smile at me, I reply "And I love you, too!" :-)

Allison said...

Beautiful happy boy! So blessed to be growing up in a loving home.

kelli said...

Sarah, congratulations on your newest addition! He is quite beautiful! I loved the Christmas card and was so excited to see his little face with your other two cuties. I loved your post about christmas and I'm working hard myself on internalizing these things! I'm glad you had a great christmas and hope to talk to you soon! Love, Kelli