Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I Am So Glad I Am Not the Only One With Crunchy Floors

"I hate when you do overtime", I said as he was leaving.  "You know, we do have 30% more kids now," implying how hard it is to stay at all day by myself with the kids.  His reply, "The good news is, the percentage will only go down from here!" This is why I love my husband!  Of course, I know why he had to do overtime and he knows that I don't blame him- or really expect him to not to go to work.  It was my way of saying, 'You will be missed.'

So began a day that I would not like to relive. I will not bore you with the details...there's really nothing interesting. Just regular old parenting stuff. But all day I felt like I had more of it than I can handle, until I sat down to ready about someone else's overflowing laundry and dirty bathrooms. 

This is why I love reading other moms' blogs: because I realize that I am not going crazy.  After having a day like I had, I was so happy to read about Ann's crunchy floors in her blog about being an "Upside Down" blogger.   Ann's floors were not only crunchy right after dinner time- that's to be expected with kids. Ann's floors were crunchy in the A.M from a meal that happened in P.M. Yup, that was me yesterday.  I also was relieved to learn about college friend, Alexis' bathroom mishaps (not hers, her kids'), and college friend, Mandy's "bad parent awards".  Thank goodness I'm not the only one, is what I am thinking as I read them with a smile.  Most of all, I was thankful to look at the crucifix and a picture of Mary and remember that they were human too and know what it's like to be me.  Of course, they did it without losing their temper and their patience, but that's why I rely on God's mercy, and His help to give me grace to be a better Christian tomorrow.
 So together with my second cup of coffee God's help, I try again to pick up the toys and myself with grace and a smile;   And remember that the percentage only goes down from here.   Oh, and if you find a lot amount of typos, it's because that second cup of coffee has not actually hit my hands yet, but it's going to, real soon.

"Perfection of life is the perfection of love. For love is the life of the soul." St. Francis De Sales (something else I took from my college friend's blog)

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Julie Cragon said...

You're an awesome mom. My floors have been crunchy for years. And, I agree, other people's stories make me feel so much more normal.