Monday, November 1, 2010

Julie Wants to Know...Whose your Favorite Saint?

Julie Cragon at Hand Me Down Heaven wants to know whose your favorite saint? I said mine was St. Francis of Assisi.  Of course, Mary is everyone's fav, but beyond that, whose your favorite saint? Leave Julie a message and let her know :)

Update on baby: I am being induced on Wednesday night! I can't wait!! Please pray for a safe and swift delivery and a healthy baby. St. Jude, St. Gianna and St. Gerard, pray for us.

Happy All Saints Day!


Katie Rose said...

eek, how do you prepare! hope it goes great sarah!

James said...

awe ... to push or not to push that is not the question. offer up all the pain of labor. God will blessing you for your faithfullness. He will show His face in your baby.
favorite saint? St. Monica a mother (like Mary) praying continuiously.
Love Mom

Christina said...

YAY YAY YAY can't wait!! Praying for you, good luck

Anonymous said...

God Bless Sarah for a safe delivery of your new baby on Wednesday night. Our prayers will be with you.


Julie Cragon said...

Thanks for the shout out Sarah. You and your precious new one are in my prayers.