Monday, November 15, 2010

Back to Business

I am finally starting to feel myself again and I am all ready for Christmas orders.  The shop is back in business! 

St. Andrew's Feast Day is coming up at the end of this month: November 30.  Last Christmas, I learned about this beautiful devotion, so this year, my family will be doing the St. Andrew Novena.  It is a Christmas preparatory prayer that is prayed on a St. Andrew Chaplet.  It begins on the Feast of St. Andrew, so make sure to order your chaplets soon.   The beads are in the traditional shade of purple- the color of waiting for the Advent season.  To learn more about the clay beads used on this chaplet and to order your own, please visit my shop.

Just for fun, here are some pictures of the new guy :)  He is absolutely adored by his brother and sister!
Just so you know- Liam is not sleeping, just looking down on his sweet little brother :)

Analee loves to share her stuffed animals with Jude.  How sweet is that?!


Katie Rose said...

sarah, that is so precious! hope you get lots of orders.

Julie Cragon said...

Sarah, I am a great advocate of the St. Andrew Prayer. I have done it for probably 21 years after losing my first child and worrying about not being able to have children. She was born the following year in March and as you know I have 6 all together. I try never to miss this devotion and I hand the holy cards out like crazy at the store. Love the pictures.

Allison said...

God bless you and your precious children, Sarah. I will be ordering soon. I hope you are drinking your water and taking time to veg out and recharge. Very very important with little ones (and with big ones too! My teens wear me out!)