Wednesday, November 3, 2010

All the Way to Ireland

I recently sent off a chaplet to Martin from Ireland (actually I had no idea it was Ireland- I only knew it was in the United Kingdom).  Martin sent me a very nice email when he received his chaplet today:

I received my 1st Communion Chaplet today and i am very pleased with the beads, they are beautiful and they will be treasured by my grand child. Thank you so much. My best wishes to you and God bless you.I discovered you details in the Irish Catholic newspaper where someone had written an article about your beads. I reside in the North of Ireland. Bye for now and i am sure i will order again from you. [reprinted with permission]

And here is the article! I thought it was pretty cool my rosaries/blog ended up in an Irish newspaper. Thanks you, Maria Byrne for the shout out and thank you to Martin for sending this to me.


Jamie Jo said...

Wow, what an honor!!

Good job Sarah!

I can't believe you are posting...I can just imagine how you are feeling now!!!

God bless, I'll be praying!!

Julie Cragon said...

This is wonderful Sarah! You are definitely spreading devotion to the rosary just as Mary has requested. God Bless all you do.

Elizabeth and Ryan said...

That's so cool, Sarah!

Good luck with the baby! I'll be praying for you!

Elisa said...

That is so cool. One of the big reasons I love the internet! It connects the world!

Mary said...

Sarah, I am so excited for you. So cool to be in the news in Ireland. Congratulations!

Jeno said...

AWESOME!!! God is so GOOD!!!