Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snowy Day- fun, but NOT for everyone!

Record breaking snow fall hit Virginia the last couple days and what fun it was- also what a pain it was (for my husband who still had to go and work!).

Liam really enjoyed the snow as you can tell by the pictures. He couldn't wait to get out and play in it! Then came back in twice for hot chocolate :)
Since my husband works weekends, we usually go to Mass on Saturday night. We shoveled our way out of our driveway, (as much as we could), then tried backing our Volkswagen Pasat out onto the street. I no more than got, "boy, we should receive special graces for going to Mass in weather like this," out of my mouth when we got stuck. Thankfully some kind people driving past our house in a big pickup truck helped push us out. We made it to Mass and were about one in ten families there. This was very unusual since there are usually hundreds there!

My husband left early for work that night, and got stuck in traffic 10 miles from our house for 6 hours!!! Poor guy! A tractor trailer tipped and blocked the whole road. It took him 8 hours to get to work last night.

Since the road by our house is not a major one (even though a crazy amount of cars fly by all day and night to avoid a long wait at the signal...) our road was not cleared even today. Eric again got stuck trying to come onto the road on his way back from work. I'm pretty sure he received some special graces for his patience in his hardships yesterday!

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