Friday, December 11, 2009

NEW Product!

I am so excited to announce my new line of necklaces! In honor of the Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe, I made four different versions of Guadalupe Necklaces. The necklaces are made of the same Guadalupe bead that I make for my rosaries, but I made it bigger. I wire-wrapped the pendant and made a funky couple of swirls on the bottom of Our Lady's Dress. Our Lady of Guadalupe is so colorful that I had many choices for complimenting strands of beads. My favorite is the multicolored strand with the extra string of turquoise beads. It's so cool looking, I definitely have to make one for myself when I get some more beads. I had so much fun making these necklaces, I feel guilty for selling them!

The only thing is that I only have the four available right now. I used more glass bead than I thought I would, and ran out! When I get more in stock, after Christmas, I will have them available again.

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