Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Snowed In- Day 4

Yes, today is the fourth day I have not left my house. I'm not one of those people who go crazy if they're stuck inside all day, so I'm actually fine with it. I've gotten a lot done, including my new website (it's close to being finished!) Don't worry, it will have the same web address.
Here's the summary of our life at home:
  • Snowed In- day 4 (if I don't get out tomorrow, I'll go crazy)
  • Boxed Meals- day 2 (one too many...)
  • Snow Plows on our road- 3 today (not one did any good- see next point)
  • People who have gotten stuck on our road- too many to count (even after the snow plows today) Liam was enthrawled with the first snow plow.
The snow was very wet and melty today, so Liam and I tried to make a snowman.

We didn't get too far because I couldn't lift these heavy balls! Maybe tomorrow my husband can get them stacked.

Here's my little snow princess out for the first time in the snow. She cried after sitting here for more than a minute while I was trying to get a good picture. Definitely not a Minnesotan! And those snow plow drivers- definitely not Minnesotan! I guess there are some things I miss about MN... besides my family :)

1 comment:

James said...

i am happy that Minnesota is good for something. we are bracing for a Christmas snow storm with up to 2 ft of snow. ugg!!!
the joke is: "we will need a coat now."
anyway, love your pictures and new web face.