Monday, August 10, 2009

The New Guadalupe Bead

The time has come to remake the center Madonna bead of my rosaries. I am running out of my current beads, and soon I will be all out! This is a huge project and will take many days- hopefully not more than a couple weeks to complete. It's also nerve wrecking because any mistakes I make, I cannot go back and fix once the bead is complete.

I ordered some new clay- a new brand of polymer clay that I have never used before. It's called Kato Clay and it promises to be the best for millefiori designs such as mine. Here is a picture of the new clay. Even though it is supposed to be better in many ways, it is harder to work with. I will have to really work at softening this clay before it can be used. It takes a lot of muscle work and I often recruit my strong husband for this task!

I'm recreating Our Lady of Guadalupe. Maybe in the future, I will do a different Mary, but for right now, this one's my favorite :)

Keep posted for new developments on this huge project.

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