Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Guadalupe Bead- Day 1

Today is day one of making the Guadelupe Bead (the center Madonna Bead on my rosaryies). And I can't say I got too far, but I guess the day is completely over and I could still get more done. This new Kato clay is very hard, and takes more than a bit of effort to make it pliable (soft enough me to work with). So today I:
  1. Found a brick that I could use to pound the heck out of the 12.5 oz. of clay block
  2. Worked up a sweat pounding clay
  3. Went to the pasta machine to roll out the clay to soften it some more
  4. Worked up even more of a sweat rolling out clay, piecing it together, and rolling it out again for a good 30 minutes
  5. Broke my cheap pasta machine from rolling out the clay so hard
  6. Got a blister on my thumb from rolling out so much clay (might have happened at the same time as #5)
  7. Ordered a new pasta machine and more clay from the internet
And you thought making rosaries was for sissies! lol!
I will try to keep working (as time allows) on the bead until my new pasta machine comes. I am working on Mary's face first, so the two clays that I softened today were the skin tone and brown. I'll take a pic of it when I'm finished.

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