Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Analee is 6 months old today

Yes, it's her half year birthday today. She's the big .5! Here's a list of her milestones and near milestones:
  1. She's sitting up all by herself
  2. She can stand- with support
  3. She is making strides toward crawling
  4. She rolls over very well
  5. She almost has a tooth- I can see it under the skin!
  6. She knows how to get what she wants (and that's all that really matters!)
She is such a good baby. We all love her so much!


Bonnie said...

God has blessed us with a lovely grandchild and a lovely mother. we love your site and your insight. at .5 our baby is growing up fast. it is your day to celebrate and see God in the little things before they slip away.
love mom and grandmom.

Jamie Jo said...

Welcome to "blog world" Sarah!!!

Your baby is soooo sweet, I just want to kiss those sweet cheeks, will you for me?

Maybe you will be home visiting next year in August and can come to our "Blogger's Tea"?

I'll link you soon!