Thursday, June 6, 2013

Divine Mercy Bead

centerpiece beads and Pater beads

Let's see, where did I start with this bead...

after I had my inspiration ready, a rough sketch and a bunch of mixed clay ready to use, I started making the eyes. 

I kept working on the face, agonizing over the facial hair.  I never realized how little I knew about the placement of men's facial hair! Here's the finished face.  You can also see the heart and hand in this photo.

Then I put together the rays. Here is the red ray...

Fast forward a few steps..working on the halo.

 Fast forward super speed...finished cane:
I had some problems with the consistency of the clay on the lower half of the cane and much of it was lost. However, the most important part remained and I even made some square beads by slicing off the sides. The smaller squares are for rosary beads, the larger ones are for bracelets.

My next post will be on the meaningful imaginary in the Divine Mercy Jesus bead.


Julie Cragon said...

You are so incredibly talented!

Jenny said...

Wow! I am always amazed to look at your creations...truly a gift from God. Take care.