Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Survival Tip for Moms

Moms: If you ever find yourself stranded without a baby carrier- follow this handy tip.

Brilliant idea inspired after an impromptu dress up game in my room unbeknown to me. Crazy kids. I'm not allowed to show you what the rest of them looked like.  Let's just say dress up is not allowed in my bedroom anymore.


Karen said...

LOL! Leave it to kids to find all sorts of uses for those "double barrel sling shots" (yes, I've seen way too many episodes of Jimmy Neutron).

Katie Rose said...

that is funny!

Anonymous said...

Love the "training" carrier, he is ready when duty calls. Takes after his dad :)

Allison said...

We are laughing out loud here - me, my husband and our thirteen year old boy!

Lena said...

LOL!!! you know, he will probably make you remove this pic in a few years. ;)