Saturday, November 10, 2012

Back on My Game

Very shortly, I will be posting pictures to accompany all the claims I make in this post.  I am back on my game, now that my husband is done working 12 hour shifts and done being away for weeks at a time.  I feel like I can breathe again! He comes home everyday and gets to spend time with us.  It is feeling like a luxury after the last several months.  He even picks things off the ground for me knowing how much I hate to bend down with my basketball of a belly.  He's really wonderful.

Also, a huge weight off my shoulders- another year down for making things for the Mary's Shelter Benefit.  I love doing it for them, but for some reason, I thought I could put a billion things together at the last minute this year.  Instead I ended up stressed out and keeping my in laws awake until midnight because I was working in the same room where they were supposed to be sleeping. Sorry! Not such a great way to kick off their visit.

The plus side of being stuck inside a pressure cooker for a day is that A LOT gets accomplished. I was able to finally put together a decent piece of jewelry from my butterfly beads.  It only took me about 2 months, 10 tries and a quick trip to Michaels for some different beads.   My friend bought it after it was on display for about 10 minutes.  I knew I should have made two of them!  I am looking forward to putting them in my shop this week.

Another hair brained scheme of mine was to put together some cute vintage looking memory games for the benefit. Because I really have nothing else to do!!  I will be posting a DIY on that soon.  Two nights before the benefit, my wonderful husband again saved the day and helped me decoupage the last of the sets.  It was a romantic evening of crafting together. What he wouldn't do for me!

This is why I say NO to learning to how sew.  I have used a sewing machine before and vaguely know how to put things together with thread, but I cannot have another distraction.   In another life, I would make the cutest things for myself and my daughters (boy clothes are boring) and sew all the time, but for this life, I'm good with clay.  This doesn't mean that I won't live vicariously through my daughter and have her sew adorable things with the sewing machine I am already planning on buying her when she gets old enough. 

So now I can focus on getting the rest of the things in my shop that have been waiting to get in there in between practicing relaxation techniques for the quickly approaching home birth in December. Oh yes, I did say home birth. It's going to be great. Eric has been reading The Birthing Partner and says we should get our money back from our expensive birth assistant because he's going to be that awesome.  His confidence is contagious.

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Katie Rose said...

wow! sounds like you have been very busy. i totally agree about the sewing. it would be wonderful to get to do it but it really does take a lot of time and i think for those of us who work part time it is just not an option. i hope to do the same for anna, she will love it! did Eric get a new job or a change in schedule? either way i am glad to hear he is around more, b/c it is hard when they aren't. l