Friday, December 9, 2011

The "Secrets" to a Happy Couple

A member of my homeschool group and my children's pediatrician was on an ABC news report on the "What Makes Couples Happy".  This mom is one of those incredible women who exuberate joy and is so filled with serenity and poise that you wonder how it is she can do all that she does so beautifully.  She is so in love with her Catholic faith which she shares with the children at my son's school every Monday.

It's a very good little clip that is rare to find on national television because it shows large families in a very positive light.  A couple of the most important parts that were left out of Dr. Canady's comments were that "all happiness comes from God" and "our Catholic faith brings God's blessings to us throughout each and every day". 

I was a little surprised by the first statistic that 65% of couples are more unhappy AFTER having children.  I don't see how this could be possible except if your idea of happiness is a shallow misinterpretation of what true happiness is.   My husband and I often say how we are more close to each other and love each other more after children.  In fact, every aspect of our relationship has improved since having children.  It really saddens me to see couples putting off children and even marriage in favor of more money and more time for themselves and their dogs!  It's unfortunate that they don't know what they are missing.

Thank God for wonderful examples of the joy that comes from a life of true sacrificial love such as seen in the Canady family!  

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Jamie Jo said...

I don't believe that statistic either....I fall in love with my husband all over again with the birth of each baby...just seeing my gentle giant holding the tiniest thing on earth, melts my heart. His love and concern...I think you are right it's a shallow misinterpretation of what love and happiness is.

We were looking at vans tonite (ours is dying and we need a bigger one to fit 8 total people) anyway, the young salesman who has one child, said something about pulling a large boat or camper...I was thinking in my head, that's never going to happen, did you hear we are having our 6th baby....but it made me think of our society and how most people would rather have the boat and camper than more kiddos. We'll take the kiddos.