Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's Not What You Think

My husband snapped this highly incriminating photo:

Honestly, we were innocently reading a Christmas book! The wine glass in the child's hand- well, that was a little taste testing after Mommy was done.

Hope you are all having a nice close to your Advent season! We have been taking it very easy.  No traveling for us this year. I've spent more days at home- not going anywhere- than I have all year! We are really getting used to this homebody thing. It's the best time of year for it.  Not rushing anywhere has really made it a blessed time to prepare our hearts.   Trying to keep it simple this year!


Allison said...

Cute photo!

We are doing the same - slowing down during Advent, savoring the inner preparation.

Have a beautiful Christmas with your little folks!

noreen said...

haha... your daughter does look quite comfortable holding the wine glass! You've spent your Advent Season as it should be without all the hectic running around. Your children will remember that when they are older the importance of spending this time with family.