Tuesday, November 29, 2011

That "Crazy-Religious" Relative

I sent out my Christmas cards very early this year- two days after Thanksgiving to be exact. The reason is because I am that "crazy- religious" relative- or that is what I'm sure everyone is thinking right now. 

Last year was the first year my family did the St. Andrew Novena which starts on November 30th and not-so-coincidentally, it was the most meaningful Christmas I've every experienced.  I wrote about it here.

Ever since, I've been trying to spread this special devotion to everyone I know. So, naturally, I included little novena cards with every Christmas card this year. I had to get them out early before the novena would start.  All the while, I second guessed myself thinking: is this too tacky? What am I- a religious order?? Only religious orders send prayer cards in the mail... I'm not even consecrated!

I'm pretty sure everyone already knew I was a "crazy-religious" person,  but just in case they didn't- the cat's out of the bag.  It might be a little strange to include something like this in a Christmas card, but in the end, it's not about me.  If one relative reads the prayer and has a more meaningful Christmas, it will all be worth it.

In case you are not on my Christmas card list, here is a link to a beautiful printable prayer card that Lena from Joy Filled Family made for you.

Also, here is the story that I have shared before of Julie Cragon's powerful testemony of the St. Andrew Novena.  I know there are many other miracles out there associated with this prayer- maybe there is even one waiting for you this year.   Have a blessed Advent!


Heidi said...

From one "crazy religious" relative to another, I loved your card and was grateful for the Novena reminder, as the card from the Chaplet you made has fallen into the abyss of this house...thank you!

Allison said...

Man. In some families and in some communities "Crazy religious" is sending Christmas cards that show Madonna and Child or a creche scene (those would be our "crazy religious" cards) instead of Frosty, Rudolph or some generic "seasons greetings" winter scene.

I no longer send "Season's Greetings" I send religious Christmas cards to friends who celebrate and to family members, all of whom were raised in faith.

Good for you, Sarah!

Katie said...

I think that is a great idea! We started praying the St Andrew Novena when our little Andrew was a baby and the Dr thought he had Long QT syndrome (a heart problem that can be fatal. Just about a week before Christmas, we went back to the cardiologist and he was fine! So, we love the St Andrew Christmas Novena too.

Katie Rose said...

love your card! thank you!

Amanda said...

Your card was beautiful, and that is such a great idea!! Thanks!!!

noreen said...

I think it's a fabulous idea! Many blessings can come from sending the novena card to your relatives.

When I first saw your picture, I thought it was a collection of all the novenas and feast days of the year. I was thinking, what a great resource that would be to have it all organized in a box. Hmmm... I may have to try that to help me keep up to date!