Monday, November 28, 2011

Feeling Thankful

As the sun is setting on a great visit from my mom and sister, I am thankful for all the memories that my family and I will hold on to until we see each other again. 
  • For the laughter of the kids as they played silly games with Katie
  • For the help around the house and always having a clean kitchen!
  • For shared joy in the 12 month old's constant cuteness
  • For warm walks outside
  • For good food shared with good company
  • For watching old movies and eating popcorn
  • For the unconditional love that only a mom can give
For all these things, I am feeling thankful.


Jamie Jo said...

Oh, I'm just a blubbering baby, I cried through every thankful thing...You mom and I shared over the years many a tear, we called it a gift, the gift of tears.

I'm so happy you had this special time with her and your kiddos had it too.

I'm sure it's so hard to say goodbye.

Katie Rose said...

i am so glad she visited. it is hard being so far from family isn't it. the nice thing is that the visits are very intimate.

noreen said...

Hi Sarah, you have much to be thankful for! I love your pictures especially the one with grandma and granddaughter! Very sweet. My mom passed away almost 20 years ago so she never knew my husband or son. You are blessed indeed!