Friday, September 9, 2011

The Fashion Post- Part II

My previous post on fashion sparked a lot of interest from readers and friends, so I wanted to follow up on that.

First, if you don't Betty Beguile's blog, I highly recommend it. She introduced me to some of the following websites for clothes:

1. Shabby Apple (sale going on right now- 10% off, plus free shipping! Enter code BOOKS10 until Sept. 14) I just put in an order for a couple things that were on sale, so I can't wait to get them and try them on.  They have adorable clothes and very modest.

2. has some really cute things for the fashion-forward female. I always scour the sale pages and have purchased somethings from them. They sometimes have free shipping and sales if you sign up for the emails.

3. Land's End Canvas (like an affordable J. Crew) has fabulous sales especially if you sign up for their emails. They almost always have free shipping and you can return items you don't want to a Sears store and skip shipping.

4. Boden. I admit that I have never ordered anything from them, but I have friends who like them. It looks like really nice stuff, just out of my price range.

5. Modcloth- as I mentioned in the first fashion post. I just a dress from my wishlist in the mail today and I love it.  Very modest and cute. It is just the right length (40 inches falls at my knees) and has cap sleeves and a modest v-neck complete with buttons for nursing!  I am impressed with the quality for the price I paid.  It will work great for the fall with a cardigan and tights.
view dress here


Ginny said...

That was my absolute favorite of the dresses from your last post. I am so glad you bought it!! Yes, cardigan and tights. It will be perfect.

noreen said...

Hi Sarah, the only store you mentioned that I recognized was Lands End. That dress is so cute and feminine!

Katie Rose said...

i loved all of the dresses you posted and meant to say so if i didn't. you have great taste!