Friday, September 23, 2011

7 Quick Takes

Here's my first quick takes because I can't take any good pictures of my stuff lately. Be prepared for flash photography.  These pictures are so bad, I can't even link it to Jen's blog. Sorry I have to put you through this.

1. So I have been working on Clay Rosary stuff- not for you, but for charity.  (I can hear your moans...oh wait that's just my husband wishing I wasn't giving all this stuff away).  However,  I am very disappointed the rain has cancelled the "Art in the Park" event in which I was going to sell a ton of Clay Rosary stuff to benefit a charity called Mary's Shelter.  I may have gone a little overboard in the amount of stuff, but it was really fun to make new necklaces and bracelets that I've never done before (plus, it was for a good cause!).  So now a box of stuff sits in basement where I took these crappy photos.

 And now you see for yourself why I can't have any good posts with these flash photos.  It makes everything looks mediocre when though this stuff is very cool indeed.

2. I've been using the word 'indeed' in my normal speech and it's kind of unsettling to me. I've always thought only nerds or English speaking people say 'indeed'. I guess it just proves I am English a nerd.

3.  If the fundraiser isn't rescheduled and my stuff isn't purchased by locals, I will set up a special online fundraiser for Mary's Shelter to sell all the stuff in the box.  It's really tempting to just hoard all the cool jewelry I made and give the rosaries and chaplets away for Christmas gifts, but I can't.  That was time set aside for a good purpose, so craft fair or not, it shall be donated!

4. I dabbled in a side of jewelry making that I usually don't get enough time for, but I did make fancy chains for my work, and even made a man necklace! Here's my favorite necklace that I really hope doesn't sells:

I used this sterling silver chain that was super tiny and hard to work with.  It broke a few times when crimping beads, but I salvaged this part of it and it's just darling. I really don't want to sell it! (basements make for bad pictures, sorry!)

5.  Had a date night last night. Was very romantic. We took had some gourmet pizza and took a stroll around the park at night.  The part that kind of stank (aside from almost stepping on a giant 6 inch slug- I kid you not) was that we sat on a patio almost touching another table of a young (early twenties) couple.  Theirs was a modern romance. They sat there with their data phone plans on Facebook the entire time and barely spoke a word.  Except for a very immature "I love my boyfriend, I love my boyfriend, I love my boyfriend" chant at one point that made me almost loose my appetite.  I can honestly say I am more happy in our relationship after three kids and six years of marriage. When we get the privilege to get out on a date, it's so special.   It's really unfortunate that the Modern Couple would rather not get married, choose to live together, not have kids and just buy a dog together and for what?...more time, money, and more of me, me me....  If they could only see what brings true happiness and romance...less of me, me, me, less money and more children who take up all your time (and money). Odd, but true.

6. I made a rather dramatic angel cuff with these over sized beads and I would love to see the person who buys it:
the blue ones, not the pink ones
It's not the bracelet for your average person.  The beads are about an inch and a half tall.  I'm picturing a creative person with a fun personality and just the right amount of zany wearing this.  I think it's so fun.  I call it, "Choir of Angels" cuff bracelet.

7.  Jude is learning to crawl down things (thank goodness!) My style of parenting has always been a little more laid back and I usually err on the side of throwing caution to the wind.  Most of the time it's ok, although there have been times when I have said, "What was I thinking??" (like the time I let the kids play with puffy paint in their good clothes).  So I watch a careful distance away and observe if my baby can figure out going down steps on his own.  Aren't babies so much smarter than we give them credit for?

He also get off the couch by putting his hands on the floor first. Now if only he could figure out doing laundry and making dinner...


Allison said...


Jamie Jo said...

Awwwwwww, look at that sweet baby!!! I always let my babies learn stairs, that way I don't have to worry!! When they are really little, we will put up the gate like a few steps at a time, so if they do fall, it's not the whole way down, until they get better at them!!

Love your date night #!! That was really neat to hear and sad at the same time. A friend needs to take her child to the college here in town for speech and she said the campus was almost silent, because everyone except one group of ladies Our age, were texting, even 3 different bikers were texting!! she said it was weird to see, people walking together but texting instead of talking.

Your jewelry is beautiful, that shows even in pictures you don't think are good!!

Anonymous said...

I've been saying "Oh my" alot lately. I have no idea where I picked that up. Feels like a southern women's speech popping out of my mouth. "Oh My it was a hot one today, time for a iced tea."
You can be English, I'll be southern. Ha Ha Ha
Julie M

noreen said...

Hi Sarah,

Jude is so sweet!! He looks quite pleased with his success and managing the steps. Your jewelry looks great especially the blue in the necklace. I have no doubt it will sell and I think it's wonderful you are giving the proceeds to charity.


Katie Rose said...

love the jewelry! that is a huge donation, proud of you!