Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Visit From My Mom

My apologies for not posting anything in awhile.  It's not that nothing was happening over here--on the contrary, I haven't had time among all the commotion! My mom just left from a week long visit to see her new grandson and help me out.  It was so nice to have her, but I immediately missed her when she left.  My house turned from tidy to one big mess in about 15 minutes flat and none of the kids were giving me a moments rest.  Analee was a tornado of terror and Jude wasn't letting me put him down for more than 5 five minutes at a time.  I told Liam if we didn't start cleaning it up, I would lose my sanity.  He said, "sanity?? You don't have any sanity, Mom." Don't I know it!

Other than all the help she gave me, we had all great time together while she was here.  We decorated for Christmas, took Christmas pictures of the kids, saw the Nutcracker ballet, went on the White House Christmas tour, watched movies, drank wine and had our first raw oysters together.   

My mom is THE most hard working, ambitious woman I know. Cooking meals, keeping the house clean and helping me with the kids wasn't enough for her.  She also had to PAINT MY KITCHEN!  The mere thought of painting a room with three young kids stresses me out, but not my mom.  She didn't want leave without tackling a big project.  I'm so glad she did it, because it was one of those things I've wanted to do since we moved in last year.   I love the way it turned out. Thanks, Mom! You're the best!


Mandy said...

aw Sarah, visits from mom are the BEST! The kitchen looks great!

Jamie Jo said...

Awwwww!!! I want her to come visit me!! She can come on her birthday and I'll feed her!!

I love your mom! (but you already know that)

Your kitchen looks great!
So glad she was able to come visit and see that sweet baby and grandchildren!

Katie Rose said...

how wonderful, what a mom!