Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pin Pricks of Light

I've had this in my head since Mass on Saturday night. The priest gave an analogy about Christ being the Ultimate Light, and everything else is only a pin prick of light- or maybe I just took it as that.  Anyhow, it has been a good meditation for me.  So many things make me happy- some more redeeming than others- but all in all, they are only pin pricks of light compared to joy the Light of the World brings.  I have to keep my focus on Jesus. 

The Christmas season especially is a joyful time of year. There are so many distracting pin pricks of lights that make me happy- the Christmas lights, Christmas trees, Christmas decorations, Christmas traditions and let's not forget the Christmas gifts!  Even the joy of my children, as wonderful as they are, are only pin pricks of light compared with the Light that Jesus brings.  

This third week of Advent, I am working on getting ready to be blown away by the greatest joy imaginable.  It's Gaudete Sunday (or Joyful Sunday)  because the Light of the world is coming and He's more bright that all the pin pricks in this passing world. "Lord let the light of you face shine us and we shall be saved [and full of joy]." 

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