Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Minnesota Fun

Here are some highlights from our Minnesota family visit so far.  The last picture is from our "girl's day out," a Schulzetenberg family tradition.  While the girls were out, the uncles and Grandpa took the kids to the Fair (top two photos).  Also thrown in the mix is a picture of a snapping turtle we found on our driveway. Notice how it snapped on a branch we put in its mouth.  The kids are having so much fun with their aunts, uncles, and Grandpa and Grandma that they haven't had time to miss Virginia...yet!


Allison said...


Sarah: Are these all your sisters? You are looking great, pregnant lady.

Sarah Harkins said...

Thanks, Allison! They are all sisters, except the youngest is my goddaughter/niece, and the one in the striped shirt is my sister in law.

Elisa said...

Aw! FUN!! We have LOTS of family in MN. We don't get to visit them nearly enough.

tomschulzte said...

Who is that cutie wearing the striped shirt? I want to meet her!
Thank you for posting these flattering photos, sis!