Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Sixth Grade Thank You

The sixth grade class at St. Joseph School in Dallastown, PA, sent me a package in the mail filled with thank you cards from each of them. It was a delightful surprise! I went to their school a few weeks ago to make beads and rosaries, talk about Mary, the rosary, and Our Lady of Guadelupe.  Here is a sampling of their beautiful thank you cards.

This card had me cracking up. She writes: I love Jesus! in smelly markers.
Unfortunately most of the smell rubbed off in the mail :(  The card is very sweet. Here is the rest of it.
It says:
Dear Mrs. Harkins,
Thank you for coming to my class and teaching us how to make clay rosaries.  The one you made for a boy in my class [one of the boys' families had purchased rosaries from me in the past], was beautiful! I will definitely go on your website and teach myself how to make clay rosaries [A little entrepreneur! I like it!] I learned a lot when you told us about Our Lady of Guadelupe. It was a fantastic story!! I will cherish the rosary I made. The rosary will be extra special because my pastor is blessing it. Thanks again for everything! Julia

I just love this picture Joe drew of me with a cross on my chest. It makes me look so holy :)

Finally, one last letter:

Dear Mrs. Harkins,
Thank you so much for driving here to show us how to make the rosaries. Also thank you for the clay! I had so much fun I wish I could have made more! I saw one of your rosaries and it was absolutely beautiful! I loved it! My rosary was pink and mixed yellow with black beads in between.  Also Father Charels is going to bless them! How exciting is that? [Pretty exciting, if you ask me!] I'm going to use mine to pray every day! [That is even more exciting!] Thanks again!
Sincerely, Brianna


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Jamie Jo said...

Beautiful! It gave me goosebumps to read, how those children are praying now, even more because of your visit!!

Anonymous said...

Those letter are great. They made my day, to know that you made such a big impact on the kids. You have a knack for teaching kids about their faith. (adults too)
Julie M