Saturday, April 10, 2010

Much Needed

While in Maryland for my rosary workshop at St. Joseph Academy in Dallas Town, PA (pictures will come soon!), Eric and I decided to stay an extra night with the grandparents so we could get in a date night. These 3D glasses were too hip to resist a photo opp and public attention.
Our first date night in 6 months!!! MUCH needed adult fun time was had :D


Allison said...

Date nights are so important to nurture a marriage, Sarah. I am glad you all got one. Did you see a 3D movie?

Sarah Harkins said...

Yes, we saw, Clash of the Titans. Allison, I hope you remember how important date nights are when you have grandchildren to look after :)

Julie Cragon said...

Love the 3D's. I got mine at Alice in Wonderland. Nice to take time!