Monday, April 20, 2009

clay rosary tidbits

The Saturday before Palm Sunday, I received a phone call from a woman I sold a rosary to. She had ordered it as an express order, which costs $17.00 dollars just for shipping. I noticed that she lived in Maryland also, but I didn't recognize the name of the city she lived in. She called to say she recieved the rosary and that she noticed I lived in Bel Air, on Wheel Road. She said that she lives 15 minutes away and had driven down Wheel Road a couple times that day (right past my house!). As if that isn't a moment to say, "What a small world." She goes on to tell me that she is becoming a full member of the Church this year at the church I go to! I really wish I could have gone to the Easter vigil to witness it. I love to see new members come into the church. She said that she was blown away to see that we lived so close. She said she looked all over the internet for the "perfect gift" for a family member who is also coming into the church with her. And to think, that perfect gift was made by a parishiner of her parish. It was meant to be! Congratulations, Angel and your family!

I also received an email recently from a friend from Minnesota, near my home town. She said she had been at a funeral of a coworker, and noticed that the rosary she was buried with, was the rosary that had been that woman's favorite rosary for many years. It was one of my first clay rosaries. What an honor for me. When I hear these stories, it's at these times, I realize that I am doing what God wants me to do. When I make my rosaries, I always try to remember to pray for the person receiving them. That somehow, the rosary I make will help them to heaven. (and maybe help me to heaven!)

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