Saturday, April 5, 2014

Shop Opening Soon!

Another little update since the last time I posted...I am nearly ready to open shop for First Communion rosaries.  This week!! I just finished a major bead and now I have two smaller ones, but I'm hoping Tuesday will be the day.  It's very exciting. It's been so long since the shop has been open. I really enjoy getting the work bead work done and fulfilling orders.  Plus, it helps to have awesome customers! Really, if it weren't for all my great customers asking when the shop will be open, I'm not sure I would have opened it this spring. So thank you YOU for all your encouragement.
Our new home

Other major news- we moved! That was the reason I haven't opened the shop yet.

Lastly, I cannot leave this post without an update on my baby.  Little Faustina has gotten so big! Still not walking, but that's ok. I can carry her around for now. She is 15 months old and getting cuter by the second. Of course, the other three kids are getting bigger and smarter and cuter every day too. It's a lot to keep up with. So many little souls for one mamma to take care of. Thankfully I don't have rely on my strength. God's grace is sufficient for anything.


Anonymous said...

No way! My second 2nd is making his First Communion this year and wants a clay rosary just like his big brother got. He'll be sooooo excited to have his own! And that last picture is adorable. The huge it!

Katie Rose said...

Your house looks great and that sweet Faustina is really darling. Thank you for the update, I have been thinking about you. Keep those photos coming.