Saturday, April 27, 2013

Quick Update

Quick update while I am making First Communion gifts....

First Communions are underway, which means I am b.u.s.y.  Making lots of these! Thank goodness for my husband who is Mr. Mom these days.
her pouts are so dang cute
Even homeschooling for me:

Thank goodness for the best baby on earth. She sleeps! on her own! all night! and I had nothing to do with it.  Look at this angel:

The weather is so beautiful. I love love love Virginia! I have started exercises by pushing three kids in a stroller around the track near our house. I create quite the scene. And I've gotten a lot of comments like: wow, what a workout! Oh yeah, putting all the rest to shame with my mommy muscles. not really.  You should see my beet red face by the end.

We attending the Baptism, First Communion and Confirmation of my midwife and her family yesterday. It was so special! I just love seeing people come into the church. After Faustina's birth, she asked about why we chose her name. I was able to share a little about St. Faustina's life and Divine Mercy Jesus.  Unknown to me, she did a little research on it and choose Faustina as her confirmation name! God is doing some amazing things with this little one!

Here's the bonnet I found to match her baptismal gown. This lady does beautiful work! I just got this one and another one in the mail today. For some reason, Faustina and bonnets just go together.


Just One Handful said...

Beautiful! So glad everyone is doing great!

Katie Rose said...

thanks for the update! i love that you are pushing all 3 kids around the track, you go girl!

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU for the update, Sarah! Love the photos, everyone The pout, Dad and Fuastina! Sleeping beauty and summer fun under the sprinkler. God is Good - All the Time!

noreen said...

Faustian does have a sweet pout! You have a wonderful husband that pitches in so much with homeschooling and child care! Weather must be very warm in Virginia if your children are playing in a sprinkler! God bless!