Friday, February 8, 2013

Awesome New Product and Giveaway!

I am so excited to tell you about a very special new product for Catholic kids that I had the pleasure of reviewing.  It's called the Jesse Box.   The kind people at Angelus Press allowed me to review one  to get the word out.  And they sent me another little gift which I will be giving away here on this blog (more on that below).

To really understand this brand new product, you have to watch the video- it's such a neat idea! Don't think, 'Jesse Tree', because that what I initially thought when I heard the name.  It's not that at all.

If you watch the video, you'll understand the concept better, but basically, the box transforms into a stage where the children act out the stories of the Bible.  The box includes all you need to for Advent/Christmas and Lent/Easter, but online you can print out more stories and even more will be coming every four months. I'm looking forward to printing out the Origins of the Eucharist props and story!

When I got our Jesse Box in the mail, I couldn't wait until Lent to try it out, so here's our pictures of using it for the Feast of the Presentation.  The great thing about this learning tool is that it can be used with any Bible story.  It's meant to be an aid for families to share the Gospel in their homes, with their children, so representing the story is only one element.   From this special family time, children encounter Jesus present in the Word.

Step 1: Read the Gospel
 I plan to make the Jesse Box a Sunday tradition.  Reading the Gospel with my kids is something I've always wanted to get in the habit of doing- especially on Sundays, so this is perfect!

Here's the documentation of our first "Jesse Box Time".

Step 2: Cut out the props

Step 3: Create the Scene
Creating the scene: Liam making the temple for the Feast of the Presentation (these blocks are not included)
Step 4: Recreate the Scene.  This is where we found ourselves explaining a lot of things to the kids about the bible how to haggle for the price of turtle doves for the offering.  Here Analee was selling them to "Joseph" while Mary and Jesus sat on the donkey.  This was really funny, actually.
The scene in the Temple: Anna with sacrifice, and Simeon talking with Joseph and Mary (the bird was not included)

I think the secret to success with this product and to keep it from being just another toy on the shelf is to keep off the toy shelf!  I'm not going let my kids play with this except when it's "Jesse Box time".   It's not going to be an everyday toy in house; I want its purpose to be kept sacred.

Setting up the environment for a prayerful family time is also key.  On the video and in the booklets, there are suggestions on ways to help prepare the environment like laying out a table cloth (very Montessori!), lighting a candle, and saying a prayer before even reading the Bible story.

The kids had a great time with this! They couldn't wait to do it again.
The Presentation in the Temple (See, you can create any bible story!)

The Jesse Box is perfect for the kinesthetic learner who has to being doing something to really understand it.  Sometimes just having things in your hand, helps to make the connection.

This was a prop from the Exodus story, but I thought she made a perfect "Anna".   (Duck was our own prop)

The first thing I noticed about this product is the beautiful artwork. It's not at all like the cheesy children's toys I am used to seeing.  It's gorgeous-even the box- even the box that that box came in!

So, would I buy this?  Absolutely!  I almost did after watching the video, then I went back to read the email more closely and read that the folks at Angelus press were going to send me one to review.  Imagine my delight!

I was going to buy for an Easter gift for the kids, but this way, we can use it for Lent.  Included in the box is a Lent/Easter booklet with a mini prayer service for every Sunday and all the props you need for the readings.  I am looking forward to starting this!  It's going to be a nice addition to our Lenten tradition of saying the Stations of the Cross on Fridays.

They also sent me Mother Love a beautiful prayer book for mothers that I often use for my morning offering.  It includes my favorite "After Communion" prayers (that I pray in the morning because they are so beautiful).  Since I already have one, I am giving this away for free! ($24.00 value) (U.S. and Canada residents only).

To enter the giveaway, I ask that you go to the Angelus Press website and view the Jesse Box video, then leave a comment here.  For second entry, share this post it on Facebook, blog, Twitter, or email and leave a second comment telling me you did so.   I will choose a random winner for the Mother Love prayer book on Thursday.


Jessica Lincoln said...

I was looking for something like this at Christmas... Hopefully I win!

Jessica Lincoln said...

I also shared the post on FB :)

melody said...

What a beautiful gift idea! Thanks for sharing this!

eve said...

This looks so awesome! I am SO buying one for Lent! Thank you for sharing about it.

Karen said...

What an awesome giveaway! Mother Love rocks! I got that book for Christmas and I love it. Please don't enter me in the giveaway since I already have the book. I wouldn't want to deprive someone else of the chance to have a copy of it.

I was just looking at the Jesse Box on their website about two weeks ago. It seems like a great concept.

Allison said...

I can't find the video on their website. :( Do enter me in the giveaway; posting this now to facebook.

And by the way you look MAH VELOUS!

ThereseRita said...

Shared on FB, Twitter & Google+...Love this!

Kerry said...

This would be ideal for my kids, to be able to do something active like this and give them a real visual. Please enter me. I am also sharing on fb and twitter. Thank you! -Kerry

Anonymous said...

I absolutely *love* this. It would be so great for my kids, especially for my oldest son who has a learning disorder. He's incredibly tactile.

Thank you for sharing, I'm posting this on Twitter, FB, and to my homeschool group!!!

Laura Duarte said...

WOW!I can't even tell you how much my boys would love this! Especially Robby, he is at an age when he would really enjoy this.
Thanks for sharing Sarah!

Laura Duarte said...

Oh I was confused-I thought the giveaway was for the jesse box, I just re read it a little slower. The book looks great too!

I wonder if there will be any kind of sale on the Jesse Box for Easter...

Kelly @ Stay at Home Trader said...

I'm in! Hope I win! I hear the book is great!

Amy said...

Shared on FB. The Jesse Box looks awesome!

Anonymous said...

All shared! :) I tried to tag you on Twitter but I either didn't have the right info or you're not there.

Have a great night.

Amy said...

I also viewed the video!

Stuart said...
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Mary said...

Viewed the video - very nice! Thanks for the chance to win Mother Love.

needles (at) fidnet (dot) com

noreen said...

Hi Sarah, love the Jesse Box. I too, with it was cheaper. My class would benefit from it but since I'm a volunteer teacher, I can't reason my way into buying one! I'll keep an eye on their website. Please enter me in for your giveaway. Thank you for offering it to your readers! God bless!

Lena said...

looks like a lovely activity. i'm sorry i missed the giveaway.

prayers for a blessed and fruitful lent.

pax Christi,

p.s. you are one gorgeous mama!

Meadow said...

Lovely materials! It reminds me a little of CGS.