Sunday, December 2, 2012

Butterfly Rosaries and Folk Art Rosaries, Servite Rosary

I finally put my butterfly beads to good use and made two new rosaries with them.  The first is all clay- which is my personal preference.  I think the all clay rosaries (with clay cross and centerpiece) are nice because there are no metal parts with potential for tarnishing, or snagging. The feel of an all clay rosary is more comfortable to me than the cold metal parts and I definitely prefer it for sleeping with- if you like to sleep with your rosary as much as I do!  In the end, it's just a personal preference, which is why I provide both options.
 I used three coordinating colors to outline the butterfly beads and gently rounded each bead to give it a nice, finished look.

Now, my favorite rosary: the Folk Art Rosary.  I have two options for this rosary as well.  Remember those flowers I made to put on the rooster beads? I dug them out and reconfigured them into snazzy beads for this rosary (and also the jewelry set for girls).  The combination of the folk art flowers with the folky rooster beads is my personal favorite rosary.  I didn't think I'd like the turquoise glass beads with this rosary, but I ended up loving them!  If you'd prefer a metal crucifix with this rosary, I also have that as one of the options.

Lastly, I put the Servite Rosary, or the Chaplet of the Seven Sorrows of Mary back in my shop with my lastest black roses.  I guess there was something on EWTN recently with Immaculee and this devotion because several people have asked about this chaplet, so here it is:

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