Saturday, August 11, 2012

Beach Week 2012

We just got back from our beach week in Ocean City, Maryland. My husband's deceased uncle has a condo on the beach that he left in the family. It's always a wonderful time.  As the kids get older, it's fun to see how they progress in their love for the wild waves and endless sand.  

This was Jude's first response to the sheer magnitude of the ocean. "It's so big!"
I think it was a bit overwhelming to him (the change in environment and schedule) because for the majority of the trip, this was his expression.  "I am not happy." It was unusual for my usually joyful boy.
Analee had a great time, but spent most of it in the sand and in the pool. Our attempt to have fun in the waves together, ended in disaster as a big wave splashed over us (see below).  She's clearly not ready for that again!
Each year, Liam gets more and more adventurous in the waves. This year he took his life jacket out there in the middle of them and had a blast being tossed about.
My sisters came too. Here's us on the boardwalk.  What a great week!


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Your children's expressions are great. You know exactly how they are feeling. Your sisters are as beautiful as you are! Blessings to you all!