Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bishop Phillip in Kenya Receives Clay Rosary

Deacon James gives Bishop Phillip a clay rosary

In February, my dad went to visit the Homo Bay diocese in Kenya with a priest friend and a few others from my hometown area.  Homo Bay is the sister diocese of St. Cloud.  He had the opportunity to assist in several Masses, give homilies and proclaim the gospel to the people there.  Of course, it wasn't what he could give to the people there, but what more about what he got and the experiences he could share with his parish in Minnesota.  I look forward to hearing his stories and seeing all the pictures when we visit them this summer, but for now, I was thrilled to receive this picture of my rosary and Bishop Phillip!  I've received emails before from Africans wanting me to send them free rosaries (a.k.a. SCAMS!) but now it's legit! A clay rosary in Africa. What an honor!
As far as I know, I now have rosaries in and every continent except Antarctica and Asia. Anyone know anyone in Antarctica or Asia who wants to buy a clay rosary ;)


Jamie Jo said...

Sarah, what an honor!!!

Autumn said...

Thats amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

Sister Daisy in India would love one I am sure. She is so amazing...I won't be there for at least another year though. I'll email you this post before we leave :D