Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Making Catholic Baptism Invites

Here is an easy and inexpensive way to create personalized and authentically Catholic Baptism Invitations.  I think these would also be great for birth announcements.
  1. Buy super cute wedding invites on *clearance* from Micheal's craft store (or where ever).  They always have such beautiful DIY invitation kits and very often they have a few that are on clearance (you may have to look in the back of the store for clearance items).  
  2. Order Saint Medals from an online Catholic store
  3. Print your invites. I included a picture of my son and I copied the wording from a different Baptism invitation I found online. 
  4. Assemble according to the directions, adding your medal when inserting the ribbon.  If the invites don't have ribbons, you can always punch some holes and put on your own ribbon and medals.
  5. Lastly, use the matching rvsp cards included as Thank you cards.  Include a picture of the Baptism on the front with the words: Thank you! 
I was able to buy this 30 count kit for only $15.00. Now I have an ample amount left over for a friend or future event- awesome! 


    Angela said...

    What a fantastic idea! These are beautiful!

    Karen said...

    Those are beautiful! I've always used wedding invitations for baptism and communion invites (the fancy white ones are perfect for the occasion). I love your idea of adding a medal.
    If you don't mind my asking, who is the maker of the invitations you got at Michaels? They're so pretty. I usually only see white ones in our craft stores.

    Sarah Harkins said...

    Thanks, Karen! These are the Bride's brand. I'm so glad I found these.

    blissmamaof3 said...

    Hi Sarah,

    I'm having trouble logging onto your rosary site. My second order came today and I am just speechless! Your work is incredible. The rosary I previously received has not left my side and the new pieces are just stunning. The chaplet for the Tears of Our Lady is exactly what I wanted, love, love, love those daisies and the springy turquoise beads! You have been such a blessing to me. Would you please let me know when your Eucharist rosaries are available once again? I'd like to order three and talk about a St. Anne rosary as well. Sorry for the comment here, I was not able to get a hold you through your rosary site. Talk to you soon and so many thanks!

    Sarah Harkins said...

    Bliss Mamma,
    I was just about to email you about something, so I'll be doing that. I'm so happy to hear you like all your rosaries. The all clay ones are nice to sleep with because there is nothing to poke or get snagged by. God Bless You!

    noreen said...

    Oh Sarah, that is an adorable Baptism card and your baby is so sweet! Have a Blessed Holy Week!

    Katie Rose said...

    i really love these. i wanted to ask you what homeschooling materials you are using? trying to get some ideas for anna in 4k next year. please email me at handmaidrose@yahoo.com when you get a chance. I could not find your email address. Thanks!