Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New for Confirmations and First Holy Communions

I've made a few new rosaries for the special Confirmandi or First Communicants in your life.  Click on the captions below the picture to follow the link to my website.   I know what my special Confirmandi and First Communicants will be getting on May!
Confirmation Rosary

Boy's First Communion Rosary

Girl's First Communion Rosary

Confirmation Bracelets


Amanda said...

Love the photography of your rosaries! Looks so professional! And the bright colored rosary is perfect for a 1st communion gift. I like them all!
Mandy B.

Katie Rose said...

Good idea Sarah, they look great!

Sarah Harkins said...

Mandy, Thanks for noticing about the photography! I used my parent's old Nikon D50 and boy what a difference that makes. I didn't realize that my old pictures looked so drab until I put them side by side with the new ones. Now I'm almost embarrassed with the old photos on my website- not that I'm going to spend hours and hours redoing them anytime soon!!

Katie said...

They are beautiful!

Allegro said...

I try to pray one rosary per day. but when i see yours, i will not only pray with but i will wear it around my neck to pray the whole day long !
do you sell some of them ?
we celebrate my niece's first communion on the 8th of this month, it means after tomorrow.
i fell so sorry that i did not discover your site before !!!!!
from bruges (belgium) with love and thanks, mimi.